The history of the company began over than 60 years ago by the dream of Saulle Bonanomi. Driven by a great entrepreneurial spirit, he invested in his expertise in the sector to give life to the factory, which will be then managed with his five sons, in what will be its definitive location and that over the years has seen an expansion of its production areas.

At the beginning, the manufacturing was guaranteed by drop presses fed by continuous bar ovens, as well as hydraulic presses and electric ovens and it was focused only on universal joints.

As the third generations of Bonanomi joined the company at the beginning of the Nineties, the company has started a new period of growth, innovation and investment, continuing the legacy and the dream of Grandfather Saulle.

The company has always identified itself for the attention given to the technological progress. As the matter of fact, the firm has been regularly introducing state-of-the-art technologies and equip-ment, which have promoted its affirmation – domestically and globally – as relevant forgings sup-plier, preserving the family nature of management.

“Migliaia, milioni di individui lavorano, producono e risparmiano nonostante tutto quello che noi possiamo inventare per molestarli, incepparli, scoraggiarli. E’ la vocazione naturale che li spinge non soltanto la sete di guadagno.
Il gusto, l’orgoglio di vedere la propria azienda prosperare, acquistare credito, ispirare fiducia a clientele sempre più vaste, ampliare gli impianti, costituiscono una molla di progresso altrettanto potente che il guadagno.
Se così non fosse, non si spiegherebbe come ci siano imprenditori che nella propria azienda prodigano tutte le loro energie ed investono tutti i loro capitali per ritirare spesso utili di gran lunga più modesti di quelli che potrebbero sicuramente e comodamente ottenere con altri impieghi.”

(Luigi Einaudi)


Foundation of the company


Conversion into S.p.A.


ISO 9002 certification


Installation of the first automated line


Installation of the second automated line

2009 2010

Enlargement and diversification of the product portfolio
Machinery renovation in the workshop with new machining centers


50 years of business


Foundation of FB Cardan S.r.l.
Installation of the press 2500 Ton


Beginning of the industry 4.0 revolution, digitalization and focus on the environment


Purchase of 3D printer


Purchase of 3D scanner


Introduction of a state-of-the-art vertical machining center Replacement of two productive lines Installation of a robot island with optical vision to pick billets


Building of a new plant with productive areas and offices